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Season 2 Challenge #15 - Back to Black

Back to Black - Written by Amy Winehouse and producer Mark Ronson, this was the third single from the 2006 album of the same name - Winehouse's second and final album.

The first two questions are designed for students at the Start-Up level and (***NB) are related to the piano track in the video above.

The next 4 are designed for students at the Well Able and Pro Levels and are related to the track itself. You can listen to it here.

***NB Always listen through headphones or a speaker, never through just a phone or laptop. I would encourage you to try as many questions as possible.

1. In what key is the song? Not fully straightforward this week - it's a minor key, which is not something with which we have dealt much here so far. The melody mightn't be a huge help this week - maybe focus more on the chords, esp what sounds like the home chord.

2. There are 7 notes in total used in the melody. What are they?

3. What are the four chords used in the Intro (also used throughout the verses and choruses)?

4. Which one of these chords would you not expect to hear if the song was in the relative major key instead?

5. What are the four chords used in the bridge (starts at 2:45)?

6. Listen to the bass line of the 8-bar Intro. 8 of the 12 notes in music are used. Which 4 aren't?

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Finally, if you would like some immediate help with learning to play the melody - a tuition video is available here.

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