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Learning through doing is an important part of acquiring any new skill. So this piano tuition programme is full of puzzles and challenges - like the one below.

These challenges are posted regularly on my YouTube channel whenever a new song video is uploaded. Have a look, but they're not easy, so if you can't do them don't worry - there are lots of easier puzzles in my workbooks, which come FREE with any subscription purchase.

Or if you really like this song, why not try and learn to play the melody here?


Season 3 Challenge #5 -Ā Clocks

Clocks was released in 2003 for Coldplay's second album - A Rush of Blood To The Head - and is considered one of the band's signature songs. It is in the Top 500 songs of all tie according to Rolling Stone magazine.

The first two questions are designed for students at the Start-Up level and (***NB) are related to the piano track in the video above.

The next four are designed for students at the Well Able and Pro Levels and are related to the track itself. You can listen to it here.Ā 

***NB Always listen through headphones or a speaker, never through just a phone or laptop. I would encourage you to try as many questions as possible.

1. In what key is this song?? Not straightforward this week.

2. In what key would the song be if you only considered the notes from the melody of the intro?

3. What are the three chords in the intro?

4. What are the four melody notes used in the ooh-ooh section (1:05)?

5. At 2:33 for the song moves from these three chords for the first time. To three new chords. What are they?

6. The drums accentuate three beats in each bar throughout the song. What are they?


Subscribers will find answers to theseĀ questions, a full tuition video and a chord chart here.

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